Making the Switch

GUEST AUTHOR /  Lauren Roberts, Nutritional & Wellness Consultant

GUEST AUTHOR / Lauren Roberts, Nutritional & Wellness Consultant

I was raised in a typical, American-style meat & potatoes kind of home. I grew up thinking that in order to be healthy, I had to eat meat while commercials that told us “Milk does a body good.” My parents ensured that I consumed plenty of dairy, as well as a constant assortment of meat, bread and unhealthy desserts. It wasn't until I became a Nutrition and Wellness Consultant that I felt there was no other choice to be a plant based, kale eating, spaghetti squash loving herbivore for life!

During my training to become a Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, I discovered that not only do you not need animal protein to be healthy, but that it can actually be harmful. My partner and I woke up one day and decided we would give a plant based diet a try. We knew that it wasn’t going to be long before we began thinking about starting family, and we both agreed that we should be healthy and have healthy habits when that time comes...

Healthy living is a priority for me & my clients, and I always say it starts with your attitude/relationship to the food you eat. I love having energy; I thrive feeling nourished from healthy foods that come from the earth. With a clean diet, I see positive changes in my body, also noticing that I am sleeping better and able to manage my emotions/moods more easily. My meditation practice is consistent, and my yoga class has never gone more fluidly. It was a quest for health that had finally begun feeling RIGHT in my body the minute I became fully plant-based.

Cutting out processed food, meat, dairy and eggs was a huge step in the right direction. Some people think that it is such struggle to eat a vegan diet, and that those who choose plant based are missing out on all the “good stuff”. But I have to disagree…For me, the “good stuff” is a beautiful environment, sustainable living practices, and a happy, healthy family. Once I learned that a plant based diet is not only healthy for the individual, but for the planet as a whole, I knew that I could never go back to the Standard American Diet.  I feel more connected to my body and to the world around me. I am living in alignment with my ethics, and I still enjoy life...Every last bite! 

However, we still had a "sweet tooth" and eating (although delicious!) fruits & nuts, we still wanted a healthy dessert that wouldn't bog us down. Incorporating Mama's Cookies as part of our practice & diet has been such a joy. We treat ourselves to one when we've had a challenging day, and we both indulge in one before we go to our community yoga class, we even catch each other grabbing one for a midnight snack! YUM. We can't get enough!

Along with being a Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, I am working with women who want to reconnect to their monthly cycles, helping them go deeper with their true nature as a woman. A plant based diet is always my first recommendation for women looking to heal their body, mind and spirit...and Mama's is a great go-to treat during "that time of the month." Sometimes women complain that they can’t give up on their cakes and sweet snacks, and I have just one thing to tell them: You don’t have to!

With wonderful vegan companies like Mama’s Cookies, none of us have to miss out on a single delicious sweet treat! I love to tell my friends about this not-so-guilty- pleasure. With only a handful of ingredients, they are too good to keep them all to myself! I am so thankful for Mama's Cookies...and so are all the friends I share them with!

-- Lauren