Now available at Driver's Market

What a big day for Mama's! Our first grocery store. That's right -- our 2-packs are now on shelves Driver's Market in Sausalito. AND -- we sold 2/3 of our inventory in the first week! So excited to partner with another local SF business who loves healthy food as much as we do. Find our 2-packs in the refrigerated treats section in the back-right corner of the store. Grocery shopping just got a whole lot better... 


SOLD OUT at Renegade Craft Fair

Holy coconut! We can't believe how quickly Mama's flew off the table this past weekend at the Renegade Craft Fair.  Our samples went faster than hotcakes (we guesstimated about 200 samples/hour), and we SOLD OUT of our new 2-packs! But don't worry, there are more on the way. Thank you SO much to everyone who helped make this event a huge success. 

Mama's Debuts 2-Packs

Watch out, world! Mama's Cookies are now available in tasty and portable 2-packs. You'll see these at our tabling events, and rumor has it they might be sneaking their way into a grocery store near you very soon... 

Our packaging was designed with YOU in mind. Created by our marketing guru Karly, this bag topper system is eco-friendly: printed on kraft paper with biodegradable cellophane, it's ready for the recycling bin. You can also find new nutritional information, social handles and a bonafide barcode! 

For wholesale/retail information, contact Colleen at (415) 686-5960 or email

The Mama's Team

Live Tasting: TDW Podcast

We're famous! Local podcast, This Damn World, tasted our cookies live on their talk show. What did it teach us? That there are two types of people in the world: those who love coconut, and those who are in denial! We still ♥ you, TDW.

A comedic podcast about everything news, life, and creative, TDW can be found at