Mindful Practice: You Are What You Eat!

I’ve always known the phrase “you are what you eat” but it wasn’t until I started contemplating this a bit deeper that I realized the true meaning of this day old phrase. Does that mean I’m a veggie burger? A hummus plate? I realize that what this overused line is insinuating is within the intention behind food is what you become. What you eat can transform the way you feel, and can alter your feelings, outlook, thoughts…and not to mention the physical sensations! I hated feeling bogged down from unhealthy food. This is why I have come to declare that I will only put food in my body that will nourish me, sustain me, and make me feel happy! 

Choosing a plant based diet has many benefits, and for me most of them pertain to the spirit and connection to the ground. When I eat food that has come from the earth, I feel oneness; I’m intuitive, and in my body. It allows a whole new space in my heart to open in gratitude, a space that is ready to receive, and in turn, ready to give. The “giving” that I’m referring to is LOVE. A pure, innocent, deep type of love that extends past those around me, and into the earth below my feet. By choosing a plant based diet, I’m choosing love. 

What I especially love is eating a diet with tons of positive intention. Studies show that intention can physically alter the molecules in a drop of water, and that the growth of a plant will vary depending upon the words being spoken to it. What would happen if we thanked our food each time we ate something? We’d start to physically change the components within, altering them to be the healthiest for you and your body. 

When we say that Mama’s Cookies are “Homemade with LOVE,” we aren't just referring to a generic slogan. We’re actually meaning LOVE. L-O-V-E: unconditional, infinite, supportive, earthly, that “from-your-mother” type of compassion. With each batch, we’re taking our time, being mindful and intentional with our quantities, handling our ingredients with care, and usually smiling while we do so! Once they’re cooled down, they are placed in the packaging ever so gently, wrapped in tissue paper and slowly a bow gets tied, attaching our Mama’s logo to the top. Inhale & Exhale, we find inspiration from the Earth for this process, never leaving out a single step. We offer gratitude to the lucky home this box will find it’s way to, in the same way we offer our thanks to our Earth through mindful practice.  

By putting vegan foods in my body (also gluten-free!) I am able to expand my heart space, engage my senses of gratitude to extend to something larger than me. I am connected to a community…a group of families, yogis, athletes, nutritionists as well as the thriving health-conscious community of San Francisco. I feel the love with each crunch, I embody the love with each reach into my cookie box! To me, eating Mama’s Cookies is an act of love. If “you are what you eat,” I’ll choose nothing else other than to be LOVE. 

-- KATE, Sales & Social Media Coordinator