In LOVE with my nutritionist...

Psst… Don't tell anyone, but I've got a crush. He's handsome, makes good money, and has fantastic teeth. Oh and did I mention he was born in 1870? 

If Weston A. Price were alive today, I would totally let him buy me a drink. Except, according to his own dietary guidelines as outlined by the Weston A. Price Foundation, the only things I should be drinking are coconut milk, raw cow's milk or bone broth. So much for my Sunday morning Bloody Mary… 

This guy was a super-sexy, nutritional genius. Check it out: 

A dentist from Cleveland, Price apparently tired of American molars riddled with cavities, and decided to research the root of the matter (pun intended). So, for 10 years he traveled the globe researching indigenous cultures such as the Aborigines, Maori, South Islanders and various African tribes, and guess what he found: the closer they adhered to their native diets, and avoided Westernization, the better their teeth. 

Why? Because in comparison to the modern-day American diet, their diets provided "at least four times the water soluble vitamins, calcium and other minerals, and at least TEN times the fat-soluble vitamins."

Now do you see why I dig this guy? Here's what's more: 

"The diets of healthy, non-industrialized peoples contain no refined or denatured foods or ingredients, such as refined sugar or high fructose corn syrup; white flour; canned foods; pasteurized, homogenized, skim or lowfat milk; refined or hydrogenated vegetable oils; protein powders; synthetic vitamins; or toxic additives and artificial colorings."


How does this relate to Mama's? Oh, just pretty much every way imaginable. 

  • Our cookies use unprocessed ingredients such as gluten-free whole oats and cold-pressed unrefined coconut oil. 
  • Price would also commend our use of flax seed, as he found that "Americans consume far too much of one kind of EFA (omega-6 EFAs found in most polyunsaturated vegetable oils) but not enough of another kind of EFA (omega-3 EFAs found in …  oils from certain seeds such as flax and chia, nuts such as walnuts and in small amounts in all whole grains."
  • Healthy fats are good for you! Modern-day nutritionists recommend a fat intake of 30% total calories. Price argues, "Thirty percent of calories as fat is too low for most people, leading to low blood sugar and fatigue. Traditional diets contained 30 percent to 80 percent of calories as healthy fats." Woohoo! Bring on the bacon!!

Here's an excerpt straight out of his section on Cookies, Bars & Muffins:

Mama's Cookies look great in every environment, including vintage motorhomes! Dr. price would approve of this complete breakfast: mama's cookies, satsuma, and teeccino herbal coffee with goat's milk!

Mama's Cookies look great in every environment, including vintage motorhomes! Dr. price would approve of this complete breakfast: mama's cookies, satsuma, and teeccino herbal coffee with goat's milk!

BEST Cookies and bars made with organic natural sweeteners [check], soaked or sprouted whole grain flour, soaked/dried nuts and seeds [cha-ching], and butter, coconut oil [double-check!] or other traditional fats. 

GOOD Cookies and bars made with whole grain flour, butter, palm oil or coconut oil. 

AVOID Most commercial cookies and bars made with partially hydrogenated vegetable oils or refined sweeteners like sugar, high fructose corn syrup and agave; granola bars; energy bars, especially those containing soy protein; cookies, bars and muffins containing chocolate, cocoa or cacao. [we'll just ignore that last part…]

I'm embarrassed to admit how much time I've spent Google stalking this guy in hopes that he will reincarnate and ask me out for kombucha and caviar. Suffice it to say, they don't make 'em like the used to. But if Price were still part of the dating pool, I'd like to think that he would love to split a box of Mama's Cookies with me. 


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The brand and marketing diva behind Mama's Cookies, Karly is a freelance graphic designer based out of her '88 motorhome, "Big Betty." Karly is also the Design Advisor of Lucia Journal, an independent womens magazine whose mission is to give voice to the heart and celebrate true beauty.

Healthy Fats + Why Mama’s is good for you!

For the last three years, my mother set a goal of “hiking her age,” which meant a total of 64 hikes this year. She walks regularly, eats a well-balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, meat and grains, but has always wanted to tone her tummy leftover from child birthing.

Enter, the Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) diet. 

Now, I strongly dislike the word “diet” because of its negative connotation that you should feel guilty about your weight. No one should be ashamed of their body. But, making an effort to ensure that your body is functioning properly into longevity is simply common sense. It’s not about self-loathing, it’s about self-love.

I first heard about LCHF through a book called—you vegans aren’t going to like this—Eat Bacon, Don’t Jog. Written by cycling aficionado Grant Petersen, the book puts forth a very controversial, un-American solution to weight loss: eat more fats, and don’t just jog. His theory is seconded by another highly-respected authority on progressive nutrition, Peter Attia, of the Eating Academy.

When I told my mother I was going to try going LCHF, she surprised me by saying, “I’ll do it with you.”

We set a goal of shifting our calorie intake from the recommended 50% carbs, 30% fat and 20% protein to the LCHF standard of 50% fats, 25% carbs and 25% protein. (Serious LCHF proponents recommend 75% fats, 20% protein and 5% carbs. But hey, I like my mac & cheese now and then.) We also took Petersen’s advice and went for intensity over frequency of exercise, and as Attia suggests, “grunt and groan” a little each day. (This is what truly kickstarts your metabolism and signals your body to start burning its fat reserves.)

After just two weeks, my mom lost 5 pounds and 1” from her waist. And she did it by eating more fats and fewer carbs. 

Good news—I ran the numbers, and Mama’s Cookies is the perfect LCHF snack. In fact, we ranked highest in healthy fats and lowest in carbs among five mainstream energy bars: Larabar, Luna Bar, Kind Bar, Pro Bar and Zing Bar: 

So for those of you wanting to make a change in your diet, check out LCHF! And allow us here at Mama’s Cookies to help you make it happen!


This information is not a replacement for professional medical advice. Always consult a healthcare professional before starting any diet. This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.