Wow! We are so honored to be featured in Marin Magazine's 2016 Summer Guide's "Picnic Picks." Of course, we already knew that vegan cookies are an essential ingredient to the perfect picnic... 

Our beautiful baker of Mama's Cookies sat down with @hoodlinesf to talk about the inspiration for the cookies and our vision for the future of Mama's. Doula, life coach AND baking goddess? We're in love.

Check out our interview with Loam Magazine. We dig Loam's heartfelt mission to see "creativity and sustainability as symbiotic." Amen, sister!


We're on a roll! Mama's has gained two new vendors this month. In addition to Driver's Market, you can now find us at Other Avenues. Hello, Sunset neighborhood!

BIG NEWS! Mama's is now on shelves at Driver's Market in Sausalito! Find our 2-packs in the refrigerated treats section. Grocery shopping just got even better... 

APRIL 30-May 1, 2016 - Mama's Cookies debuted their 2-packs at the Renegade Craft Fair! Hosted at Fort Mason, the fair drew over 10,000 visitors per day. That's a LOT of cookies!

LIVE TASTING - What did we learn from local podcast, This Damn World's, live tasting of Mama's Cookies? There are two types of people in the world: those who love coconut, and those who are in denial. 

Did you know that our very own Colleen Yerge, founder of Mama's Cookies, was also given the job title, Keeper of the Labyrinth? For the past seven years, Colleen has been entrusted with maintaining this beautiful landmark right here in San Francisco. The Lands End Labyrinth, situated on the very precipice of the Pacific Ocean, offers breathtaking views of the Golden Gate Bridge, and is constantly bathed in fog and mist. The labyrinth is an opportunity to disconnect from the outside, and discover what is inside. 

On September 13, 2015, over 200 people joined Colleen in rebuilding the labyrinth after it was vandalized. We are so grateful for the support of our community, and preserving this space for future generations.

Thank you, SF for your and support!


LOVE for Mama's

I just about died when I tried Mama's Cookies. They're INCREDIBLE! My acupuncturistfroze them for me during our session, and I had one on my way home, and my husband had to pry the other one out of my hand since I could hardly bear to part with it. He was blown away by them, too! Poor guy has had to endure every single gluten/dairy-free cookie on the market (in support of his dairy-free, gluten-free, cookie monster wife) and we both agreed this was the best we've tried. We are customers for life, and I've loved sharing them with friends! 

— Elizabeth K.

From a nutritionist's perspective this cookie is technically considered a well balanced snack because each one has a nice balance of protein, anti-inflammatory fats, slow burning carbohydrates and fiber.  Yes there's sugar, but it's a minimal amount from whole foods based sources.  It's also a great example of food as medicine, as this cookie works to enhance milk production based on the specific nutrients in the cookie, per Colleen's other testimonials.  Quality is key here in the ingredients used to make each cookie.  A small amount goes a long way with a very satisfying taste.

—Samantha S. MS, RDN
One Medical Group

As a Spaniard in San Francisco, I’m always looking to try American food, so when I discovered Mamma’s cookies I couldn’t resist, and they are vegan! I bought the cookies intending to eat one as a “power breakfast” before I went to the gym. However, they were completely devoured in just 2 days! ¡Buenísimas! I couldn’t help myself. These cookies are the best; sweet yet savory, soft yet crunchy...I wish they sold more like these in Europe! I love the coconut flavor and also the crunch of the nuts. ¡Las Mama’s están deliciosas!
— Sergio Giralt
I am a yoga teacher, peace art facilitator and artist who’s got a passion for health consciousness and women’s vitality. I run around San Francisco all day in the sunshine spreading happiness and need a vegan treat to satisfy my sweet tooth. I can’t be weighed down by anything unnatural, so Mama’s was an easy, authentic choice for me! I love supporting local business & the environment with these cookies. I ❤️ Mama’s!
— Danielle Barnett
I am craving these Mama’s Cookies! I like them because they are the perfect combo of chocolate, oats and coconut. They are such a delicious snack and I love that all the ingredients are natural and wholesome. I also really enjoy the texture and all the healthy fat of the oil. I refrigerated the last batch and they were actually a refreshing treat, which I know is an odd way to describe cookies.
— Alisha E.