Born in a tiny San Francisco kitchen, Mama's Cookies has spread its love far and wide. Originally developed as a nutrient-packed, tasty treat for new mamas, Mama's has been eagerly adopted by athletes, healthy families, and individuals with gluten or sugar sensitivity. Homemade with love and only the highest quality ingredients, Mama's is a little cookie with a big heart.

Baker + Founder

I Mama's Because... It's an opportunity to embody the change I want to see in the world; putting conscious awareness into the foods you are putting in your body! It's a great outlet for me to channel my love for the planet and its inhabitants by creating something that I can genuinely back up with my heart. 
Favorite Pairing: A handful Cookies + latte in the morning!
Favorite Moment: Seeing the burst of JOY on a little girls face at the Dailey Fest when she tried a Mama's Cookie for the first time! Her mom didn't even mind that she took a few extra samples too :) 
Random Fact: I have a green thumb and keep a community full of plants & flowers alive and thriving right outside my door in San Francisco! 



Brand + Marketing

Alter Ego: Seasonal Nomad + Ski Patroller
I  Mama's Because... So decadent, yet full of vitamins and healthy fats!
Favorite Pairing: Trail run followed by Mama's Cookies + fresh goat milk
Favorite Moment: Sharing a dozen cookies on the top of a mountain with a shack full of ski patrollers! They were gone within seconds.
Random Fact: Co-founded an independent women's magazine with zero advertising.